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Student: Avner A. Vélez Martínez

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Name:  Avner A. Velez-Martinez

Campus:  University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

Rank: Senior

Major:  Industrial Biotechnology B.S. and Food Science and Technology Certification


Internship:  During summer 2012, I worked in USDA-ARS at Maryland, forming part of the Agricultural Research Service, Plant Sciences Institute, Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Laboratory, Beltsville, Maryland.  The project developed in this internship was “Potato and Tomato Disease Management through Understanding of Host Resistance and Pathogen Variability”, by the mentoring of the plant pathologist, Dr. Leslie A. Wanner.  In this project, I worked as a biological sciences technician and took over all the laboratory and greenhouse work.  This internship was very successful and I improved my skills and laboratory techniques.

Narrative:  I am from Cidra, PR, and have been studying in Mayagüez for six years. Hopefully, this is my final semester and will be graduating on May 2013.  Actually, I like the Food Science field and that is the reason why I am doing the certification in addition to my major B.S. On the other hand, since primary school I have been involved with music and I play the tenor saxophone in the marching band of the university and I’m the lead tenor of the saxophone section.

Skills:  Fluent bilingual and highly adaptable to new environment.  Capable of managing projects, establishing priorities, and meeting deadlines efficiently.  Strong computer skills in Windows, Microsoft Office and Minitab.

Short Term Goals:  Finish my final semester with good grades and graduate on May 2013.  The next important goal is to find a good job where I can put into play the knowledge and skills learned.   My intention is to find a job in a federal agency.  Also, I would like to do finish certifications of quality control and in Good Manufacturing Practices.

Long Term Goals:   I would like to enter a graduate school, preferably in Food Science.

Research and/or Outreach project:  I work in an undergraduate research from spring 2011 to the present under the mentoring of Dr. Félix R. Román.  The project title is “Synthesis and Functionalization of Chitosan Beads for the Removal of the Arsenic and Vanadium Isotopes from Polluted Waters”; this research has played an important role in the development of laboratory and analytical skills.

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