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Student: Naqueira Gonzalez Colon

Name: Naqueira Gonzalez Colon

Hometown: Mayaguez

Institution: Interamerican University

Campus: San German

Rank: Graduate Student (Environmental Science Program)

Major: Environmental Chemistry

Expected date of graduation: May 2014

Degree: Master

USDA Agency Of interest: Natural Resources and Conservation Services


Certifications: Puerto Rico State Department

. Potable Water Treatment Plant and System Operator type 4

. Wastewater Treatment Plant and System Operator type 4


Career experience/location:

During the summer, I participated in an internship at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Campus in the chemistry department with CETARS program.


Description of career experience:

This experience is and will be truly enriching and useful for my career as an environmentalist. During the internship, I had the opportunity to participate in different

workshops as laboratory safety, workshops on how to write research papers and agriculture and nanotechnology, could also practice techniques in the laboratory as HPLC

and handling of equipment and different chemicals in the laboratory. In Addition this career and experiences reminds me the commitment, dedication and responsibilities

that this area will require us as professionals.


What is your perception of agriculture now?

My area of interest has always been the natural environmental sciences and agriculture, as well as the research area. I consider environmental conservation and agriculture

to be as important as human health and think it is vital to continue educating people about it. This will allow us to continue improving the quality of human life, the

preservation of ecosystems and resources. During my college career I have had the opportunity to take courses with different professors who have taught me the

importance of environmental conservation and agriculture.


How has this career experience broadened your employment opportunities?

My participation in the program has helped me to strengthen my skills as a scientist and as a graduate student I feel more complete. This opportunity to meet more fully the

employment opportunities that I have with the various agencies related to the conservation and management of the environment and the development of agriculture has

been vital in my career. I know that in the future this experience would provide me new employment opportunities, personal and professional development.


Career and research aspirations:

In the future I would like to begin my doctoral program in environmental sciences. I would also like to get a job opportunity with a federal agency related as Natural

Resources and Conservation Services. I also aspire to be able to have a job where I can use my knowledge and skills in order to contribute and improve their work and

research area and join the working world of the environmental science so I can make a difference. I am very interested in agriculture and other areas related to the

conservation of the environment and resources.


Skill Set:

Good communication skills; Microsoft programs, Excel and others. I am able to work under pressure, with others or individual. Fluent in Spanish and English and I am able

to adapt to any work environment.


The impact of my career experience:

During my career I had the opportunity to impact many young people in schools about agriculture and the importance of resource conservation. For me, it is important to

continue educating people and younger students about environmental conservation and promoting the benefits of world agriculture. It is also important to continue helping

college students to finish their careers in the scientific and environmental areas. In the future, I would like to begin my doctoral program in environmental sciences, and get

a job with a federal agency related where has the opportunity to work for them to many years.

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