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Student: Jomarys Gonzalez Velazquez

Name: Gonzalez-Velazquez, Jomarys

Hometown: Moca, Puerto Rico

Institution: University of Puerto Rico

Campus: Mayaguez Campus

Rank: Current Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Major: Chemistry

Expected date of graduation: May 2018

Degree: Ph.D in Chemistry

USDA Agency of interest: USDA-ARS Beltsville Maryland



Career cxperience/location:

Worked in a research intership under the supervision of Dr. M Laura Lopez at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Campus.


Description of career experience (what I learned):

In this research I worked on literature review on phytoremediation of metals and nanoparticles to develop a experiments in this area. Also I learn how to cultivated the

Rubia plant using the in vitro method; this plant will be used to develop the future experiments.


What is your perception of agriculture now:

Agriculture is essential for humanity so it’s important to preserve it and use the latest technology to clean up contaminated areas.


How has this career experience broadened your employment opportunities:

I learned how to cultivate plants using the in vitro method; this technique is useful because plants are obtained in a shorter period of time and allows to obtaining disease-

free plants (fungi, bacteria, viruses and other). Knowledge in these techniques can open doors in the biotechnology research laboratories.


Career and research aspirations:

I aspire to obtain a doctoral degree within the next five years. In ten years I visualize myself working in a university as a professor and mentor, sowing the seeds of

knowledge of science to future professionals.


Skill Set:

Bilingual-English/Spanish – computer literate – Office 2010 – interpersonal skills – organized and self starter -proficient in Atomic Absortion – Gas Chromatography – Mass

Spectrometry – High performance liquid chromatography – UV Visible Spectroscopy.


The impact of my career experience:

The reseach experiences will give me the necessary skills to work in the phytoremediation of metals and nanoparticles which is my research field; with this skills and others

that I will become a competent scientist in the near future. These experiences will prepare me to compete in a future work in a research area. My longterm goal is to work as

a professor and a reseach scientist at a univertisty.

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