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Student: Wesley Cuadrado Castillo

Name: Cuadrado-Castillo, Wesley

Hometown: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Institution: University of Puerto Rico

Campus: Mayaguez Campus

Rank: M.S.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Expected date of graduation: May 2014

Degree: M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

USDA Agency of interest: USDA-ARS Beltsville Maryland



Career cxperience/location:

Worked at USDA-Agricultural and Marketing Service (AMS) at Washington, D.C. Performed a heat and ventilation loads analysis of USDA Farmer’s Market Community

Kitchen. Task requiered equiptment selection and construction materials according to working parameters; mantaining a human-comfortable room temperature according

to the Farmers Market localization. The job required the use of Autocad and Microsoft Office for the analysis.


Description of career experience (what I learned):

By having the opportunity of working with ann architect I learned to design structures according to the Florida’s Building Code.


What is your perception of agriculture now:

Agriculture is the essence of human life. Is important to design systems to develop and sustain products of good quality for our safety.


How has this career experience broadened your employment opportunities:

I enhanced my communication skills by working directly with costumer at the Farmer’s Market. Also I learned the requirements of structure design according to Florida’s

Building Code: Mechanical.


Career and research aspirations:

I would like to continue studies in the field of Material’s Science and Engineering or Chemical Engineering. I would love to work in the design of new materials that enhance

food quality and production.


Skill Set:

Software: AutoCAD, Solid Works, Pro-Engineer, ANSYS, MATLAB, COMSOL, STAR-CCM+, Image J, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop.

Knowledge in:

1. Metalography which includes Cold Working, Heat Treatments, Polishing, Etching and Microscopy.

2. Powder sintering whcih inclode porosity, percolation and sieves analysis.

3. Fabrication of glass/ TiO2 composites by heterogenous nucleation Method.

4. Characterization of materials by X-Ray Diffraction and Tensile Test Machine.

Language: English and Spanish, fully written and spoken.


The impact of my career experience:

Career experience is essential to improove proffessional and personal goals by the acquisition of knowledge, ideas and in some cases, advices.

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