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Student: Laura Victioria Ramirez Martinez

Name: Laura Victoria Ramírez Martínez

Campus: Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus

Rank: Undergraduate

Major: Microbiology – Minor in Chemistry

Internship: I have been working with the USDA CETARS Program in my university. In summer 2012, I conducted my first research with CETARS in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, in the Chemistry Department; I worked in promoting the nutrient absorption of the basil plants using phytohormones and soil-compost. During the summer, we had learning workshops, activities and at the end of summer we presented our research posters in the 1st UPRM-CETARS Symposium. To continue with my CETARS duties, I worked in another research in the Susúa State Forest at Puerto Rico; my job was to quantify Aquatic Hyphomycetes in the Loco River.


Narrative: Every human being needs to learn about everything, but also experience as much as possible of what is learned. That is exactly how I have conducted my life so far. It all started when I joined the Venturing Program of the Boy Scouts of America. It was there where I realized that science, especially health issues are my passion. To dedicate my life to work on encouraging good health and improving the prevention of diseases is my dream. As a result of this conclusion, I am seeking a degree in Microbiology to then continue studies in Epidemiology.
I want to walk the extra mile, and to get adequate education. I started to work as a volunteer with an ophthalmologist doctor. I also I joined the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program at my university and had the opportunity to do research with the USDA-CETARS program. Beyond classes and research, I am a member of the Microbiology Society of Puerto Rico, the Honor Society Program and the ßßß Biology Honor Society chapter at my university, where I have been able to keep working with the community, as well as develop all my academic and professional interests. Among these activities I still find time to do other things that I enjoy, such as spend time with my family and friends, cooking, camping and exploring Puerto Rico, because is necessary to have a proper balance.


Skills: Good communication skills, in English and Spanish. Knowledge of computer software such as Word, Excel and Power Point. Easy going and able to adapt to different working conditions. Work well under pressure. Thrive for excellence in my work.


Short Term Goals: Nowadays, my goal is to continue with my research project and graduate.


Long Term Goals: To continue graduate studies in Epidemiology and find a job at USDA where I can apply my knowledge and continue developing as a professional.


Research and/or Outreach project:
During the summer internship at UPRM I worked to promote the nutrient absorption of the basil plants using phytohormones and soil-compost systems under the mentoring of Dr. Martha L. López. As part of the CETARS requirements, I visited schools to give educational talks on agriculture and environmental issues and to motivated students to study science.

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