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Student: Nathalie Gonzalez Jimenez

Nathalie Gonzalez

Nathalie Gonzalez Jimenez

Chemistry Major; senior and a CETARS Student at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico San German.

Research Project:Water Quality of Joyuda Bay

My research is about analyzing the water quality of Joyuda Bay by taking physicochemical measurements as pH, dissolved Oxygen, nitrateconcentration, temperature, salinity and the presence of fecal coliform from different water samples of the Bay. These parameter will be evaluated and compared with allowed levels in order to predict factors that can be affecting the environment and/or the quality of the water.

Outreach Activities

I have been participating in evaluating projects in Scientific Fair and helping the students how can they improve their projects. Also I will be participating in orientation of the CETARS program and related topics with science in order to encourage students to be involved in the science field.

Training activities related to CETARS

I have participated on resume writing workshop and also in conferences from different research that are involved in the CETARS program.

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