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Student: Angel R Pacheco Rodriguez

foto Angel Pacheco 2013

Name:                         Angel R. Pacheco Rodriguez

Campus:                     Mayaguez

Rank:                          Undergraduate Student

Major:                        Industrial Biotechnology

Internship:                None at this moment.

Narrative:   My life’s hobbies have always revolved around solving problems.  When I was twelve I created a system that allowed remote watering from the kitchen to the family pets (rabbits). When I got to high school my physics teacher instilled in me awareness about our environment. These experiences helped me decide that I wanted to study Industrial Biotechnology and dedicate my life to bioremediation. My freshman undergraduate studies revolved around figuring out what to do for my research while still maintaining the bioremediation goal. At the start of 2012 I found Dr. Lopez’ laboratory which further sparked my obsession with the environment but with the genius idea of using plants. Last year my project consisted of lead extraction from soil using a weed.


Skills:   Fluent in both Spanish and English. Proficient in MS Office, MATLAB – Specialized Equipment:  PCR, Bio-molecular techniques, Fundamental Chemistry and Analytical Techniques, Mass Spectrophotometer and Gas Chromatography.


Short Term Goals:   Further my knowledge of bioremediation, learn new skills in soil remediation and hopefully find a hyper accumulator of hazardous micro particles.

Long Term Goals:   Pursue a doctoral degree in agriculture. Work for a government agency centered in soil and water remediation prefentialy at USDA.

Research and/or Outreach project: On the fall semester of 2012 my research project consisted of the effectiveness of Mimosa pellita,”touch me not”, in lead extraction from voladora soil. I also partook in the Beach Cleanup day executed by Industrial Biotechnology Student Association (AEBI) and various other student associations.


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