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Student: Anel Marie Arroyo Gonzalez

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Name:                       Anel Marie Arroyo González

Campus:                 University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Rank:                        Freshman

Major:                      Chemical Engineering

Internship:   I have no internship experience, although I do hope to have the opportunity to participate in one as soon as possible

Narrative:   I’m from Puerto Rico, born in Mayaguez and currently 18 years old. I’m an avid reader always looking to learn new things to enrich my vocabulary and knowledge. I am a first year student currently attending the University of Puerto Rico and majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am interested in getting a certificate specializing in either Bio-Processes or in the Environmental aspect of Chemical Engineering or both. I would like to use my knowledge for remediation of contamination of contaminated soils and water and find new ways to help our environment in the most efficient way possible.

Skills:   Bilingual (Spanish and English), knowledge of computers  ( Microsoft office).

Short Term Goals:   Get good grades and graduate with honors.

Long Term Goals:   Find a job if possible with USDA, where I can be productive and able to help people.

Research and/or Outreach project: Right now I am in a group research that deals with recycled glass that is processed in different ranges of time and heat to determine the optimum porosity level needed to make plaques that can filter and remove harmful chemicals from fertile soil.

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