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Student: Ana Maria Vega Suarez

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Name: Ana María Vega Suárez

Hometown: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Institution: University of Puerto Rico

Campus: Mayaguez Campus

Rank: BS (third year)

Major: Animal Science

Expeced day of graduation: May 2016

Degree: goal Ph.D in Veterinary

USDA Agency of interest: FSIS-USDA



Career experience/location: Worked in a Food-Inspector internship with FSIS-USDA . This internship was under the supervision of Investigator William Tirado at Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. I also worked doing outreach with

elementary studients (Mayaguez and Hormigueros).


Description of career experience (what I learned): I have been working for the CETARS program since August 2012 to present in the outreach project. I have learned about differente fields of agriculture, how to be a

leader and I have improved my relationships with people from different ages, including children.


What is your perception of agricultural now: Agriculture is the basis for human survival and it is very important to learn about and improve old methods to increase productivity in agriculture.


How has this career experience broadened your employment opportunities: Working with CETARS program would probably help me get a job with USDA, even as a veterinarian. It can also help me get new

summer internships that are related to my field.


Career and Research aspirations: I aspire to finish my bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and to become a Veterinarian or to continue with a Master’s Program in Animal Science. In 10 years, I see myself working with

animals, either as a veterinarian or working in a farm.


Skill Set: computer programs ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, and Camtasia)-Bilingual (English/Spanish)-good interpesonal communication skills- Animal Science related skills (vaccination, castration, slaughtering,



The impact of my career experience: The outreach experience with the CETARS program has given me the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about Agriculture and has tauht me the importance of using the scientific

method in Agriculture. I also learned about public speaking, how to be a leader, how to be a teacher and how to manage my time better. It has also allowed me to meet and work with food inpectors, with food investigators and

with veterinarians from FSIS-USDA. My long term goals are to become Veterinarian or get a Master’s Program in Animal Science. If I reach my goal as a Veterinarian, I would like to work in a Zoo with large animals or work

with FSIS-USDA in food inpection service . Otherwise, I would like to go to graduate school, in a program related to farm animal reproduction.


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