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Student: Andrea Lopez

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Name: Andrea Lopez-Rodriguez      

Campus: University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus      

Rank: 4th year (senior)           

Major: General Agricultural Sciences           

Internship: None at the moment.      

Narrative:  I was born and raised in Arecibo Puerto Rico. When I graduated from high school I was admitted to The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus where I began with a huge interest on agricultural science and the  conservation of the natural resources. Since I was little I have been taught to protect of our natural resources. My interest grew even more when working on my science fair (2006) at the Colegio and later on with the Venturing program from BSA. Now days I’m still very interested on environmental issues and therefor I am studying a career related with this cause.  I am considering doing a double mayor on agricultural science and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, as a human I have other  interest such as painting, reading, music and any other thing that can help me become more active, creative and happy.

Skills: Image J, Gimp, Pro engineering (4 & 5), Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and Java Script      

Short Term Goals: Graduate from the UPRM .

Long Term Goals:    Continue into graduate school; find a job to sustain me and my family; get married and have kids.

Research and/or Outreach project:

The use of porosity sintered recycled glass and its applications for soil remediation. I am also participation of the GLOBE activities.

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