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Student: Nathalia Carolina Cancel Villamil

Nathalia Carolina Cancel Villamil

Name: Cancel-Villamil, Nathalia C

Hometown: Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Institution: University of Puerto Rico

Campus: Mayaguez Campus

Rank: Undergraduate BS student

Major: General Agriculture

Expected date of graduation: May 2014

Degree: B.S in General Agriculture

USDA Agency of interest: USDA-ARS Beltsville Maryland



Career cxperience/location:

During summers 2012 and 2013, I worked in a research internships at the USDA-ARS Maryland under the supervision of Dr. Manan Sharma.


Description of career experience (what I learned):

While working at USDA ARS I learned a lot of new things like, how to use different lab equipment, think and resolve/react to several situacions and problems that can occur

in a laboratory. It’s a lifetime experience that help me grow as a professional.


What is your perception of agriculture now:

Agriculture is the spinal cord of a society, without Agriculture we don’t eat, and if we don’t eat we don’t live. It is essential in our lives.


How has this career experience broadened your employment opportunities?

During my experience, I learned how to identify different microorganism that grow on plants and how long they live, so we can improve food safety. Knowledge acquired

can open me doors in ARS research laboratories.


Career and research aspirations:

Within five years, I aspire to finish my B.S in General Agriculture and find a job in USDA-ARS Maryland, ARS-TARS Puerto Rico or any other location. Also, I will like to

continue my job, by visiting elementary schools and teaching the kids about Agriculture and its importance. In ten years I will like to have an establish career at USDA.


Skill Set:

Bilingual-English/Spanish- Detail oriented- Strong Organizational skills- priotize multiple projects- Efficient working with kids- microbiological tecniques- Proficient in

Microsoft word and internet.


The impact of my career experience:

My career experience has impact me in diferent ways. It has helped me developed as a professional and as a human being. It also helped me notice what are my strengths

and weaknesses, so I can work on them. Definitely this career experience has taught me a lot of thing that I really appreciate. This was a unique opportunity not available to

everyone. During this career experience as an intern I learned tecniques such as PCR, electroforesis, how to use a spiroplatter, an autoclave, an spectofotometer etc. I also

learned how to read and analize the results. Definetly the skills I learned in my career experience will make me a competent scientist in the future. My longterm goal is to

work as a reseacrch scientist at USDA.

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