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Student: María A. González Morales

Name:                  María A.González-Morales

Campus:              University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

Rank:                    Sophomore

Major:                  Agronomy-Crop Protection


Internship:         None


Narrative:           I was born in Maunabo, PR. My interest for the Agricultural Sciences began in the 4-H Club where I developed as a leader. To start my college studies I joined the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, Agricultural Sciences Faculty in Crop Protection. I am part of CETARS program where I have worked in outreach with USDA. I am very interested in the divulgation and orientation to the humans and society of the environment protection and agriculture. I am also a musician, artist and writer. To bring the green message to others I would combine my talents with my desire to work. I know that when I enter the workplace I will make a difference.



  • Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish, intermediate speaker English
  • Very adaptable
  • Computer skills
  • Interpersonal Abilities and leadership skills
  • Dynamic and creative


Short Term Goals:          To obtain an Internship where I can develop my professional skills and expand my knowledge. Finish my BS in Agronomy-Crop Protection.


Long Term Goals:            Continue my studies (master and doctorate). Obtain a Job where I can grow as a professional and contribute to the improvement of the company.


Research and/or Outreach project:        Outreach Project with CETARS. Teaching in elementary schools how to create School gardening and protect the agricultural environment.

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