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Student: Diana Sánchez Rivera

Diana 2013

Name:          Diana Sánchez-Rivera

Campus:     University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Rank:           PhD. Candidate (PhD.)

Major:          Chemistry- Environmental Sciences


Narrative:   I am natural from San Germán, PR. I enjoy relaxing on the beach, cooking and playing volleyball. I am currently getting my PhD. degree in Chemistry in Environmental Sciences option from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Chemistry is the science that studied all the matter and how the energy interacts with it. As I continue studies in Chemistry I realize how important is to became aware about the things that could improve the life quality of the people, as a researcher, a professional and as an instructor.  After I graduate, I expect to become a postdoctoral in agriculture or environmental sciences field.

Skills:   Theory and hand-on working experience with specialized scientific instruments such as: ICP-MS, AAS, ICP-OES, GF-AAS, UV-VIS, HPLC, and FT-IR.

Puerto Rico Chemist License (#5323).

Short Term Goals:   Finish my PhD. in Chemistry.

Long Term Goals:   Obtain a job as a scientist or postdoctoral student in a Federal Agency such as USDA, where I could growth as a professional and independent researcher.

Research and/or Outreach project:   Speciation and removal of oxyanions from aqueous solutions using Ca-Fe(III) alginate beads and dried sludge as affordable adsorbents under the supervision of Dr. Felix R Román and Dr. Oscar Perales. With the support of this project I have achieved the following publications: Diana Sánchez-Rivera, Oscar Perales-Perez and Felix R. Roman (2012). Removal of inorganic arsenic oxyanions using Ca–Fe(III) alginate beads; Desalination and Water Treatment.  (in press).

Diana Sanchez-Rivera, Oscar Perales-Pérez and Félix R. Román (2013) LC-ICPMS speciation of arsenite and arsenate oxyanion mixtures during their adsorption with dried sludge, Analytical Methods ( in press).


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