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Welcome to the CETARS blog

Posted by cetars in Announcements


First allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cristian Velez and I am the new IT manager for CETARS and webmaster for this blog. I have created user accounts for all the students so you can freely comment on these posts, create your own, and answer to comments made by the other students. I will send you all an email so you can contact me with any doubts or concerns, I will also be updating the blog, so I ask you email me your information and updated resumes attatched, so I can have your pages up to date. When sending me an email I ask that you always put the tag [CETARS] in the subject so I can locate the emails and address them faster. A note on creating posts, please make sure to categorize them appropriately that way you save me the trouble of guessing where it should go and I can approve the post faster. So without further ado I leave you with your blog!


tl;dr: I am the new webmaster, you all have accounts, you can all post,  send me your info, tag properly, and have fun!

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